- Want TraderEquity to Fully Fund you? -

Want to Trade Equities using OUR Capital as a Professional with Direct Market Access?

Prove you can make money and manage risk, then we will fund you 100%.

Trade a $75,000 USD Simulated Account.

Prove that you're profitable without breaking a rule.

Only then will we start you off with a $75,000 USD LIVE Account.

Once funded, keep trading well & we will keep funding you with more and more capital.

All Fully Funded Traders keep 70% of the Profits!

- Can I Apply for The Fully Funded Path? -



Learning to trade can be VERY expensive!

From Commission, Data Feed/Software, ECN and Regulatory Fees to HTB Locates & Educational/Chatrooms subscriptions. It all adds up quickly, this is all before any potential losses, which if new is inevitable.

So increase your chances of success by reducing your monthly costs and giving yourself more time to learn and therefore succeed!


Profitable Retail

Undercapitalized? Tired of having to re-invest your profits to gain more Leverage at your Broker? Looking to scale? Want to access large fixed capital so you can scale all whilst withdrawing?

All whilst reducing your commission costs down & dramatically?

Prove your profitability with us and we will not only back you 100% but allow you to scale.



Are you already a Professional Trader for a Hedge Fund, Bank or Asset Management Firm?

We would ask that you apply for our Live Account.


Once you've proven your profitability LIVE, we will then give you access to the Managed Account.



- What is the Profit Target & The Rules? -

Can you prove that your profitable without breaking a rule?

The Profit Target

- Your Profit Target: $4,000 USD NET

- Maximum Position Size: 1000


- Daily Max Loss: $200

- Account Draw Down: $1,000


- Do NOT hit the daily max loss

- Do NOT hit the draw down


- Do NOT hold overnight

- Do NOT HOLD risk before a known release of economic data or news.

NO Time Limits, just trade for more than 14 trading days with more than 100 round trips as a minimum.

This could take you 3 weeks, 2 months or more.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

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+ If I pass The Fully Funded Path do I require a Bond?

No, you will not be required to send a bond if you pass The Fully Funded Path and are accepted.

+ Why are you offering The Fully Funded Path?

We wanted to give up and coming traders an opportunity to learn HOW to succeed in a safe and controlled environment. With this program, we have provided an affordable way for new traders to trade with absolute transparency and certainty. Conditions are as they would be in a live environment. Traders can map their performance using our reporting system to learn and fully understand what it takes to trade without investing and potentially losing a large sum of capital while they are in this transition stage. This is very valuable to new and upcoming traders.

We also wanted to give undercapitalized yet profitable retail traders an opportunity to increase their earnings. These traders are used to trading conservatively at a brokerage where they are slowly building buying power by constantly reinvesting their profits. The Fully Funded Path program gives these experienced traders the ability to perfect their existing strategy without risking their precious capital. Once the trader graduates, they can capitalize on the scalability of a funded account instantly and take their career to new heights by earning monthly payouts while working remotely.


As you can see the Fully Funded Path program was created for the growing trader with accuracy and affordability in mind. The better the trader preforms the more capital we extend. The end result is steady income as a professional trader, at a reputable firm.


Therefore to assist all of these traders above and give them the best opportunity possible we have developed The Fully Funded Program!

+ Is there a time restriction?

There is NO Time Restriction and all balances are carried over to the next month.

+ Is there a minimum amount of trades?

Yes, the whole purpose of the Fully Funded Path is to give us enough data to enable us to see what level of trader you are. We don't want to be in a situation where 1 trade enables you to hit the target. We want to ensure there is enough data to clearly show you can trade and more importantly manage risk. Therefore we ask that you trade for a minimum of 14 working days with 100 round trips.

+ Can I short when SSR is on?

Yes you can, the software mirrors the real market enviroment.

+ How are hard to borrow costs calculated?

You will only have access to ETB via the simulator as we are unable to provide HTB costs for non live accounts.

+ What is classed as economic news?

We simply don’t want traders taking direction risk into either economic announcements/news or data releases. Once the data has been announced you’re free to trade.

+ When am I charged the monthly fee?

The program starts when you are ready to start. We will double check with you before the account is enabled. Please note that the program is billed on a per month basis. Meaning, its best to start on the first of the month. Fees are billed on the first of the month.

+ How do I cancel?

If you require a temporary hold or to cancel the account, you should advise the support team before the end of the month to ensure fees are not incurred for the next month. We do not issue refunds for months where the trader has logged into the account or if the login has been issued for a single month use.

+ Can I have less buying power & pay less?

We are a professional proprietary trading firm, all traders are trading our capital. Everything is relative so having more BP or Risk won't change anything. If you can trade you should be able to easily achieve it with the BP. The Software and Data fees apply regardless of the amount of capital you are trading.  

+ What size live account do I get once I pass & can I scale?

Once you've completed The Fully Funded Path and proven yourself as a profitable trader, we will then start you off in the live account with the same risk settings! We monitor our traders very closely and are happy to provide more capital when appropriate. If however, the trader reaches the max drawdown, as discussed in the agreement, the trader will be advised to go back to The Fully Funded Path program until they can once again, prove profitability. We understand that trading is an ongoing learning experience. We work closely with our traders to ensure success. Sometimes it takes more practice and perseverance than expected.

+ Can I trade odd lots?

No, as we are Direct Market Access (DMA) we don't allow Odd Lots. If you place an order in and are filled which is an odd lot this will be deemed a rule break.

+ How long does it take to setup my account once I pay?

It will take anything from 24-48 hours to complete after KYC/AML (Know Your Client / Anti-Money Laundering) checks have been completed. We would suggest giving yourself enough time to pass compliance before starting.

- Where Can I Sign Up? -

The Fully Funded Path™

    simulated account size: $75,000 BP
    Profit Target: $4000 NET
    Maximum Position: 1000 Shares
    Daily Max Loss: $200
    Max Draw Down: $1,000
    includes Live Data Feeds & Sterling Trader Pro
    FREE TraderEquity Discord Chatroom
$399.99 USDPer Month



We can NOT accept any US-Based Traders, this restriction is based on location rather than nationality.

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