What is a Proprietary Trading Firm & What are the Benefits?

A Proprietary Trading Firm, also known as a "Prop Firm" is a trading firm that enables you to gain access to professional grade infrastructure along with large trading capital. Unlike a broker, you will be provided with support and mentoring to try and help you succeed in beating the market.

The Core Value of a Prop Firm is that they have your best interests truly aligned with theirs, your success is their success.....

Prop Firm vs Broker :
You want Fixed Buyer Power & Not Leverage.

What is Leverage?

Leverage works by taking your deposit amount and extending you more capital to trade with. Depending on your broker this may be up to 6 times your deposit, so forever $1000 you put down you will have say $6000 to trade with, this is called Leveraged Buying Power.....

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What is a Proprietary Trading Firm & What are the Benefits?

Prop Firm vs Broker : You want Fixed Buying Power & Not Leverage

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Prop Firm vs Broker :
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