No Capital Contribution: What is The Fully Funded Path?

We wanted to give up-and-coming traders an opportunity to learn HOW to succeed in a safe and controlled environment. With this program, we have provided an affordable way for new traders to learn to trade with absolute transparency and certainty. The conditions are as they would be in a live environment. Traders can map their performance using our reporting system to learn and fully understand what it takes to trade without investing and potentially losing a large sum of capital while they are in this transition stage. This is very valuable to new and up-and-coming traders.

We also wanted to give undercapitalized yet profitable retail traders an opportunity to increase their earnings. These traders are used to trading conservatively at a brokerage where they are slowly building buying power by constantly reinvesting their profits. The Fully Funded Path program gives these experienced traders the ability to perfect their existing strategy without risking their precious capital. Once the trader graduates, they can capitalize on the scalability of a funded account instantly and have the opportunity to take their career to new heights by earning monthly pay-outs while working remotely; all with Zero capital contribution.

As you can see, the Fully Funded Path program was created for the growing trader, with accuracy and affordability in mind. The better the trader performs, the more capital we extend them. The end result is a steady income as a professional trader at a reputable firm.

Happy Trading!


Updated 21/12/2020

Please Note: We can NOT accept any US or Canadian based traders, this restriction is based on their location rather than their nationality.


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