TraderEquity : What are the Advantages ?

TraderEquity is a Remote Proprietary Trading Firm with a fresh approach to intraday equity trading. For too long now, new and experienced traders have struggled to trade with all of the major well-known issues associated with using a retail broker account. These include paying astronomical commission rates, claims of free trades when in fact the traders ECN rebates are not passed on and poor support. Also not to mention conflicts of interest, not routing orders to market, having to use leverage, poor software and being underfunded. At TraderEquity we believe we’ve not only identified what truly holds retail traders back but addressed these major hurdles. Trading is difficult enough without the infrastructure and/or the broker working against you. By trading with us your gaining access to the professional infrastructure, software, ultra-low costs and access to fixed capital. Therefore giving yourself the best possible foundation for success.

Sponsored Direct Market Access

TraderEquity is a direct market access firm offering sponsored access to the exchanges via our extensive list of routes and dark pools. You can route your orders to the MID price, a dark route or via one of our exclusive proprietary routes to really maximise your strategy. We believe in a level playing field and giving traders the correct and most professional tools out there needed to succeed in this profession.

Ultra Low Commission & Full ECN Rebates

Starting from only $0.00177 per share ($1.77 per 1000) with a $0.99 min. We don’t claim to offer free trades and keep your ECN rebates. We pass on all ECN rebates through to all our traders, which when adding liquidity on certain routes can outstrip your commission so that your actually paid to trade! If you're beating the market but your commission is taking all of your profits or causing a loss, we have the ability to discount your commission rate to ensure you're kept profitable!

Trade Our Capital - Large Buying Power

All of our traders at TraderEquity are trading our capital rather than their own. We do not offer or extend Leverage/Margin, everything your trading is all our liquid capital. Therefore all the issues related to being underfunded and/or leveraged are suddenly resolved by being with us. All of our traders are given Fixed Buying Power, which means each day is a clean slate win or loss the day before. This also enables you to scale and grow a strategy rapidly without having to reinvest profits as you have access to the firms almost unlimited buying power!

Deep Discounts for Groups & Large Traders

TraderEquity is structured to cater for the larger professional trader and groups. Due to this fact we can offer Deep Discounts to large volume traders and/or groups. This gives you the chance to reduce down commission which is one of the largest costs associated with trading. We are also able to offer trading groups the ability to trade from one performance bond whilst offering each of your traders an individual account to trade from.

Professional Software, HTB's, Dark Pools & Routes

At TraderEquity, we only use the best, therefore we only offer Sterling Trader Pro to our traders. It's the worlds most widely used the professional trading platform in the industry. We clear at multiple clearing firms and due to this fact can offer extensive access to HTB for short sellers. Our traders are only charged on execution for these rather than when they locate. We also offer our traders access to an extensive list of Proprietary Routes, Dark Pools & ECN Routes. We also pass all ECN rebates straight through to our traders.


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