Consistency & Working Smarter, NOT Harder is the Key!

If you have access to Very Large FIXED Buying Power (BP) like TraderEquity offers. You then won’t miss out on capturing a trading opportunity due to the lack of leverage at your retail broker. At TraderEquity, each day is a new clean slate and you will have the same amount of Fixed BP as the day before. This means you are not restricted the next day on the opportunities you can capture just because you had a bad day yesterday and its reduce your BP.

You may wonder what this has to do with Consistency?

If you have a small performance bond with us and access to Large BP all of a sudden you then don’t need loads of capital in a Retail Brokers Account to be able to capture and scale your strategy.

Therefore it just comes down to consistency in your strategy, as being with us enables you to have everything you need to scale up. Not to mention saving vast amounts on commission.

Since a child we’ve all learnt, the harder we work at something the more we get back. However in trading, it can be quite the opposite, You need to be working smarter NOT harder, Less really is more.

Thinking because you have not much capital means you have to trade all day and work twice as hard is not the case. Focus on consistency and then scaling up using our infrastructure.

We posted the following

Although targets work for some and not for others and each day, trader and trading style can be very different and isn't an exact science.

The basic principle applies behind the idea that consistency paired with access to large BP alongside working smarter by scaling can be very powerful indeed.

Happy Trading!

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