Learn to Day Trade: Do you have your OWN Day Trading Thesis?

What we have found, is a surprising amount of traders that approach us seem to think if they just spend enough time trading or watching the market it will all suddenlyClick”. The fact is with trading is that it will never really “Click” as its a constant learning and developing process. The reason behind this? Well, the market is a non-linear environment which is constantly developing and changing. It, therefore, doesn’t matter how many educational videos you watch or the time spent trading without your own Thesis you’re really nowhere.

There really is no Chatroom, Mentor or Educational service that can get around the fact that you need to put in the hard work and create something that is yours. This was something that was spoken about on an earlier day trading blog about Personality and Trading style (which you can read by Clicking Here.)  

What we’ve noticed is newer traders are going from strategy to strategy which they haven’t developed themselves looking for something that works 100% of the time. Then moving on when it doesn’t quite meet expectations of the trader. This again is traders looking for something they think they WANT rather than something they NEED. These traders typically getting caught by fancy marketing or a Guru/mentor who is never wrong.

Ok, TraderEquity points taken so what do I need from a Thesis?

Great Question, firstly your going to need a big picture or overview which your Thesis can be based upon. Once you have that you need to have CONFIRMATION. This is one of the most important things in being able to replicate a Setup. That confirmation can also be your entry point. Then finally you then want an Exit.

If you're able to build your own Thesis that you can spot easily, replicate and then track you are ahead of the retail traders. No one seems to want to do their own work, they’re all looking for the holy grail of setups or education or mentor that will solve all these issues. What you should also find with having a thesis with a clear process and structure is that it takes the stress out of trading.

TraderEquity teaches and preaches these structures along with a raft of setups to try and give you the best foundation to build your own day trading thesis that works for YOU. This is all done in our FREE mentoring room where you are provided with FREE supporting documents to help. TraderEquity makes its money from taking a profit split of the traders profits. Therefore its in our interest that your given the best advice to be able to become profitable.

The clear take-home here is to do your own work, have your OWN Thesis that works for you. Ensure it has a clearly defined structure and process in place to trade it factoring in the bigger picture. This may not be what you want to hear but this really is GOLDEN advice.

Happy Trading!


Published 29/05/2019

Please Note: We can NOT accept any US-based traders, this restriction is based on their location rather than their nationality.


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