Learn Day Trading: Ever heard of the 90 - 90 - 90 Rule?

Ever heard of the 90 - 90 - 90 rule before? This is something that is well known to industry insiders but not spoken about or shown to the outside world for obvious reasons. This applies exclusively to the retail trader NOT the professional traders! This is KEY as the retail trader knows what they WANT but not what you NEED. Therefore a lot of the industry is geared towards servicing your WANT rather than what you actually NEED.

The retail trader is typically buying a service and the marketing has been geared to empower them, therefore what we typically come across is the armchair “expert” trader with an attitude.  


What a lot of traders approaching TraderEquity don’t realise is you’re NOT buying a service from TraderEquity but you're being employed as an independent contractor. This KEY difference in the relationship dynamics has a profound effect on your chances of success. We're here to give you what we think you NEED and NOT what you WANT.

What has surprised a lot of traders when approaching us is that we will turn business away if we don’t think you're the right fit. If you have an attitude, want to talk down to us or be aggressive we simply turn you away or close your account permanently. Our time is very valuable and we are not here to offer a service or to jump when you click your fingers, but we ARE here to give you what you NEED to succeed.

Have you figured out what the 90 - 90 - 90 rule is yet?

90% of Traders Lose 90% of their Money in 90 Days!

It’s sadly true, which means the marketing needs to be priced and geared to take as much capital from you in the smallest timeframe possible. Is the trading service you are with trying to overly push a yearly subscription with added benefits? I will leave you to think about why they are.

TraderEquity invests a lot of time in each individual trader to ensure they have a fighting chance of being profitable. We by NO means claim to be ‘all knowing’ but we are always receptive and flexible. Through our extensive experience, we’ve developed certain methods and strategies to overcome and cope with common issues you may already be dealing with which we are now sharing with our traders to support them with what they NEED rather than what they WANT.  

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If you’re serious about your trading and want everything needed as a package join the Fully Funded Path as an Elite Trader. You can find more information and can join using the following link:


Happy Trading!


Updated 28/04/2020

Please Note: We can NOT accept any US-based traders, this restriction is based on their location rather than their nationality.


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