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Specializing in trading equities specifically on the NYSE & NASDAQ exchanges.

No pattern day trading rule | Trade the firms capital | Ultra low fees | Professional grade trading software

Extensive routes list | ECN rebates | Dark pools | Algorithmic trading


Professional grade hard to borrow short list

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Full ECN rebates


Sponsored direct market access


Proprietary routes


Trade OUR Capital as a Professional via Direct Market Access

Want Us To fully Fund you?

Prove you can make money and manage risk, then we will fund you 100%.

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Trade a $75,000 USD simulated account.
Prove that you're profitable without breaking a rule.

Only then will we start you off with a $75,000 USD live account.

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Algorithmic Trading


Trade the firms capital


Dark routes





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Why Us ?

no Conflicts of Interest

We DO NOT offer CFD or principle trading execution. This is where the firm would take the other side of your trades. Meaning it's in their interest for you to fail. We provide (DMA) Direct Market Access.


We want to fund you, we want you to succeed!

Dramatically Lower Costs


In trading, as in any business, your overheads costs are one of the largest factors standing between you and your ability to succeed. Therefore at TraderEquity we actively monitor each trader to ensure they are always getting the best deal possible.

We ensure you can reach and maximise your edge.

Funding & Career Path

Become consistently profitable, with clear risk management & we will back you with almost unlimited funds to help you truly achieve your full profit potential.


Heavily discounted trade fees - extensive buying power - aggressive tiered % profit pay-out

1. Ultra-LOW FEES

$0.00177 per share ($0.99 trade min)
Discounts available for groups
Keep 100% of ECN rebates
Low software costs

2. Large Buying Power

Scale your strategy
Trade the firms capital
No pattern day trade rule
Gain the buying power you need!

3. Infrastructure

Extensive list of hard to borrow stocks
Extensive routes & dark pools
Auto daily risk limits
Sterling Trader Pro

4. Support & Funding

Personalized approach
Opportunity to become funded
Mentoring and guidance available
Structured path to becoming funded



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