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How It Works

We're looking for consistently profitable day traders who can correctly manage risk.
Access funding and scale your strategy by firstly proving your ability to manage risk whilst profiting.

Development Phase

Develop & test your trading strategies
with real time data and support from
our pro trade analytic software.

Evaluation Phase
Trade your chosen strategy,
prove to use its profitable
without breaking a rule.
Live Funding & Scale
Pass the Fully Funded Path, access
funding and scale your strategy
with a 70% profit payout!

3 Simple Objectives

Trade for a minimum of 40 trading days with a minimum of 200 trades and reach the profit target of $5000 net.
Trading Days
Round Trip Trades
USD Profit Target
As a trader, the only real thing you have any control over is your risk. Therefore your
sole focus should be on managing your risk at all times.

Proprietary Tools

Professional proprietary trading tools to structure, support and guide your progress to profitability!
Setup Sorter
Sort & Track your Setups
Edge Finder
Detailed Statistics on your Trading
Risk Calculator
Work out your Breakeven
Trade Journal
Journal your Daily Trading Progress
Visual Progress of each trading day
Progress Tracker
Track your Fully Funded Path
Daily Watchlist
Daily Watchlist of Hot stocks to trade


A list of our Frequently Asked Questions, ensure to read these before emailing!

It’s a rules based challenge that TraderEquity has developed to allow new and developing traders the ability to prove their profitable.

This will then enable them once they pass to access funding and scale their strategy all whilst being paid out monthly.

The whole idea behind the Fully Funded Path is to give us enough data to see that you have a clear mathematically edge in the market.

This is known as Positive Expectancy E (R) = (PW x AW) - (PL x AL)

E (R) = Expected Return
PW = Probability of Winning
AW = Average Win
PL = Probability of Losing
AL = Average Loss

If you have a clear mathematical edge this will be shown clearly over a large data set.

Prove to us that you can trade profitably without breaking a rule.

Hit the profit target of $5000 USD net profits with a minimum of 40 trading days and 200 round trip trades without breaking a rule.

Once you've completed The Fully Funded Path and proven yourself as a profitable trader, we will then start you off in the live account with the same risk settings to start.

You then are required to get to the same profit target live before we pay you out. This ensures there is a buffer for you to scale from. Once you have a full buffer in place there is also more flexibility.

Our goal is to scale you up as large as possible based on your performance. If your performance does not meet the requirements at any stage we reserve the rights to transfer you back to the simulator.

The main rules are as follows;

- Do not break the max daily loss.
- Do not break the max drawdown.
- Do not short when SSR is on.
- No odd lots.
- Do not hold positions overnight.

You will be sent an email explaining the rules in detail after you sign up.

Whilst there can be some flexibility in the rules, we want this to be as similar to live as possible.

If you break the $200 Max Daily Loss we ask that you close all positions down before $250 doing this and you will retain your progress. If however you breach the $250 you won't be able to close any positions and you will be reset for free the next trading day.

You are charged when you sign up and then 30 days later as a subscription via PayPal.

The Fully Funded Path is charged per calendar month, this means you're charged for the whole month from the 1st irrespective of the date you activate. This is due to the way we are charged by the exchanges etc. Therefore it's best to sign up before the start of the month and request the account is activated on the 1st to get the most out of your subscription.

We can only accept PayPal payments for the Fully Funded Path Challenge

It can take up to 24 - 48 working hours to get setup from the time you sign up.

Once your account is enabled, you will have a chance to use the software until comfortable. When happy you can then request to start the Fully Funded Path.

Its all done via Bank Transfer at the end of each month for the prior months profit.

If you require to cancel the account, you MUST advise the support team before the end of the month AND before your payment is taken.

You should also log in to PayPal and cancel any subscription to ensure you are not charged for the following month.

Payments are done by PayPal on a 30 day cycle as explained in the email you received from PayPal on signing up. We do not issue refunds after payment is made. Once an account is enabled and market data applied, we sadly can not give our refunds as software and data costs are then charged to us.

No one single trade can make up more than 10% of your profit target when in the simulator. If you achieve the profit target before the set number of days and round trips you must actively trade on the days remaining as you did before. If we see a drop in performance relative to how you were trading before we will discount these days.

We will deduct ECN & any HTB (Hard To Borrows) costs when you are near the profit target to ensure you have enough of an edge to beat the overheads. We do not allow pre or post market trading due to the high risk from potentially low liquidity which makes it impossible to scale or manage risk correctly.

Apply To Join

- Serious Traders Need Only Apply -


Please only apply if you are a serious trader !

Desktop Platform
Super Fast. Best For Serious Traders
(Fully Funded Path)
$ 399.99 / per month

Simulated Account Size: $150,000
Profit Target: $5,000
Max Position Size: 1,000 shares
Max Daily Loss: $250
Max Draw Down: $1,000

Sterling Trader Pro Desktop Platform
Live Data - Nasdaq & NYSE - Level 2

Prop Trading Pro Anaytics Package
Unlimited Resets

We can NOT accept any US or Canadian based Traders, this restriction is based on location rather than nationality.

What Our Traders Say

They Have Been Very Supportive Of My Trading And Are Always On Hand Should You Need Assistance. Highly Recommend, A Professional Trading Firm.
Simeon Fully Funded Path Trader
Best Support!
I Have Been With TraderEquity For A While Now And The One Thing That Always Amazes Me Is How Quickly And Patiently They Support Their Traders. I Really Feel Like They Care About My Success! Great Place To Trade With!
Lukas Fully Funded Path Trader
TraderEquity Real Trading!
Trader Equity is the best Remote prop firm around for trading US equities. The level of support, mentoring and guidance truly reflect the firms ambition in getting their traders funded.
Archi Fully Funded Path Trader

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